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Everyone wants CoComelon toys this year—here are 20 great ones to buy

Sam Gardner
Everyone wants CoComelon toys this year—here are 20 great ones to buy

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These days, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a kid who is obsessed with "CoComelon," the popular Netflix sing-along series featuring nursery rhymes and other fun adventures. And because the animated hit is one of the most-watched shows online, you’ll also have no trouble finding fun toys and CoComelon accessories to fill up your toddler’s playroom. 

To help you shop for the little ones on your list, we've rounded up 20 of the best CoComelon toys to gift this holiday season.

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1. Official Musical Bedtime JJ Doll

Best CoComelon toys: Official Musical Bedtime JJ Doll.

Recommended ages: 18 months and up

There's no better bedtime buddy than the official CoComelon Musical Bedtime JJ Doll, one of the hottest-selling CoComelon toys on the market. This small, plush JJ lookalike cycles through seven different sounds when you squeeze his belly, including the "Yes Yes Bedtime," which will hopefully provide a little encouragement before your little one drifts off to Dreamland.

Get the Official Musical Bedtime JJ Doll from Amazon for $19.97

2. Mini Character Vehicles

Best CoComelon toys: Mini Character Vehicles.

Recommended ages: 2 and up

A fire truck, garbage truck and bus are among the offerings with these small, rollable vehicles featuring different characters from the songs. They’re overwhelmingly well-rated and make for good stocking stuffers at just 3.5 inches tall. One reviewer also noted that these cars made for excellent birthday cake decorations.

Get the Assorted Mini Character Vehicles from Amazon for $29.99

3. Musical Yellow School Bus

Best CoComelon toys: Musical Yellow School Bus.

Recommended ages: 2 and up 

This bright yellow school bus rolls, has seating for up to six figurines—it comes with one JJ doll—and plays a clip of the song “The Wheels on the Bus,” which your toddler may already have mastered by the time they get their hands on this toy. It's the essential CoComelon noise machine, so it may not be ideal for bedtime, but if you’re already a CoComelon house, the nursery rhymes are probably just background noise at this point.

Get the Musical Yellow School Bus from Amazon for $14.59

4. Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll

Best CoComelon toys: Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll.

Recommended ages: 3 and up

This hungry, interactive JJ just recently came out but it's already in short supply. He “eats” peas from the included spoon and bowl and can also be activated (via his tummy, of course) to play several noises and songs, including “Yes Yes Vegetables,” which seems like the perfect soundtrack to get pumped for spoonful after spoonful of peas.

Get the Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll from Amazon for $59

5. CoComelon Toy Boombox

Best CoComelon toys: CoComelon Toy Boombox.

Recommended ages: 3 and up

This is basically an 11-inch by 9-inch karaoke machine with a built-in microphone and a playlist of hits including "The Wheels on the Bus," "Bath Song" and, of course, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." It also lights up and is built to be easy for kids to handle, so while it's not quite pocket-sized, it's portable enough to take it with you on the go.

Get the CoComelon Toy Boombox from Amazon for $41.65

6. CoComelon Official Friends and Family Pack

Best CoComelon toys: CoComelon Official Friends and Family Pack.

Recommended ages: 2 and up

Another great stocking stuffer, this pack of figurines includes six dolls that each stand three inches tall. There are two JJ figurines (one in a T-shirt and the other in a onesie), along with Tomtom, Yoyo, Cody and Nina. 

Get the CoComelon Official Friends and Family Six-Figure Pack from Amazon for $39.99

7. Yellow School Bus Pop-Up Tent

Best CoComelon toys: Yellow School Bus Pop-Up Tent.

Recommended ages: 1 and up

Nothing inspires imagination or sets the scene faster than a pop-up tent, and this one is modeled after the traditional yellow bus from CoComelon, featuring JJ and a collection of animal friends on the exterior windows. The pop-up bus has multiple entry and exit points and stands 27.5 inches by 43 inches tall. It also folds flat so it can be easily stored—and yes, it can play “The Wheels on the Bus” if you want it to.

Get the Yellow School Bus Pop-Up Tent from Kohl’s for $29.99

8. First Act Musical Keyboard

Best CoComelon toys: First Act Musical Keyboard.

Recommended ages: 3 and up

This 11-inch keyboard weighs less than a pound and plays a pair of songs. It also has 23 working keys and a small built-in speaker, so your toddler can create their own tunes, all while improving their memory and hand-eye coordination.

Get the First Act Musical Keyboard from Amazon for $14.99

9. Back to School JJ Doll 

Best CoComelon toys: Back to School JJ Doll.

Recommended ages: 2 and up

This plush doll is a Target exclusive that plays the “Back to School” song when you push his belly and comes with a small, red-and-green backpack for storing supplies. Reviewers say it’s well-built and makes for the perfect addition to any CoComelon collection.

Get the Back to School JJ Doll from Target for $24.99

10. Musical Check-Up Case

Best CoComelon toys: Musical Check-Up Case.

Recommended ages: 2 and up

Put the nurse in nursery rhymes with this CoComelon medicine kit, which plays nine sounds and phrases including a clip of the "Doctor Checkup" song. There's also a stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer and syringe, as well as a carrying case, so it all has somewhere to go when the doctor is finally out.

Get the Musical Check-Up Case from Target for $19.99

11. CoComelon Musical Tractor

Best CoComelon toys: CoComelon Musical Tractor.

Recommended ages: 2 and up

This tractor stands about 10 inches by 5 inches and comes with an exclusive 3-inch JJ figurine wearing a white, yellow and green baseball cap. It can play a clip of the barnyard classic, "Old MacDonald," thanks to its two included AA batteries. Its wheels even move, allowing your kids to stretch their imagination and take their tractor on the go.

Get the CoComelon Musical Tractor from Amazon for $14.99

12. CoComelon Deluxe Family House Playset

Best CoComelon toys: CoComelon Deluxe Family House Playset.

Recommended ages: 3 and up

This detailed playhouse replica comes with a pair of figurines and plenty of furniture, including a sofa, fridge and chair. It plays music, including the "Clean Up Song" and other popular nursery rhymes from the show and it's easy to take with you on the go thanks to a convenient carrying handle. You can pack up and take your kids' favorite songs and characters wherever you need them to be.

Get the CoComelon Deluxe Family House Playset from Target for $39.99

13. CoComelon Winter Figures

Best CoComelon toys: CoComelon Winter Figures.

Recommended ages: 3 and up

As the weather turns cooler, your little ones may want their toys to look the part, so pick up this simple CoComelon winter-themed set of figurines, which comes with JJ, YoYo and TomTom action figures dressed in winter hats, scarves, boots and gloves. The four-pack also includes the dog, Bingo, as a bonus, so you'll have the whole family in tow this holiday season.

Get the CoComelon Winter Figures Four-Pack from Target for $12.99

14. Melon Patch Academy Building Blocks

Best CoComelon toys: Melon Patch Academy Building Blocks.

Recommended ages: 18 months and up

Block sets are awesome for developing children's creativity, and this 53-piece set comes with everything yours will need to build their own Melon Patch Academy at home, including seesaws, trees, fencing and other unique elements. Plus, the set comes with JJ and Ms. Appleberry figurines, and it includes a carrying case with a lid, making for easy cleanup and storage when playtime is over.

Get the Melon Patch Academy Building Blocks from Walmart for $34.97

15. eKids CoComelon Toy Microphone

Best CoComelon toys: eKids CoComelon Toy Microphone.

Recommended ages: 3 and up

A CoComelon take on the classic kids microphone toy, this one is lightweight, has flashing lights and comes pre-loaded with songs straight from the program, so your children can belt out their favorite CoComelon tunes pretty much anywhere. If you push the Song button, the microphone does the singing, and when you hold the Microphone button, your voice is amplified so you can join along—making it perfect for the performer on your list.

Get the eKids CoComelon Toy Microphone from Amazon for $20.68

16. CoComelon School Bus Ride-On

Best CoComelon toys: CoComelon School Bus Ride-On.

Recommended ages: 18 months and up

This interactive ride-on bus toy will keep your CoComelon fan entertained for hours with two unique play modes—one focused on letters and numbers, and another focused on music—plus a working horn, a rear handle for walkers and functioning doors and stop signs. The bus comes with three AA batteries, plays five nursery rhymes and also has 36 buttons on the sides, including one representing each letter of the alphabet. It's the ultimate learning device, and the best part of all is that the kids will have so much fun, they may not even notice how educational it truly is!

Get the CoComelon School Bus Ride-On from Amazon for $85.99

17. Soft Potty Training Seat with Potty Hook

Best CoComelon toys: Soft Potty Training Seat with Potty Hook.

Recommended ages: 18 months and up

Making potty time fun goes a long way when it comes to making it something your kids want to do on their own. This cushioned potty seat could be just the motivation your little ones need to break the seal when it comes to moving on from diapers. In addition to providing a comfortable, secure seat so there’s no falling in, it also has handles on the side for kids to grip, and it stores easily using the attached hook, so it's simple to keep track of when not in use. 

Get the Soft Potty Training Seat with Potty Hook from Amazon for $22.99

18. School Time Deluxe Playtime Set

Best CoComelon toys: School Time Deluxe Playtime Set.

Recommended ages: 3 and up

Another toy straight out of Melon Patch Academy, this replica school is the perfect complement to the block collection on this list and also comes with JJ and Ms. Appleberry backups, as well as a Bella figurine, which is unique to this set. Other accessories include a table, armchair, easel and cot, allowing your little learner to set the scene at their very own schoolhouse and let their imagination go to work.

Get the School Time Deluxe Playtime Set from Amazon for $24.99

19. Lounge Around Bed Rest Pillow

Best CoComelon toys: Lounge Around Bed Rest Pillow.

Recommended ages: 18 months and up

This cozy pillow inspired by "CoComelon" checks in at 14 inches by 19 inches by 16 inches and is perfect for kicking back and relaxing to an episode of your child's favorite nursery rhyme program. The polyester fabric wipes clean and is easy to take on the go, meaning it can also double as a travel pillow in a pinch.

Get the Lounge Around Bed Rest Pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99

20. Wheels on the Bus Toddler Nap Mat

Best CoComelon toys: Wheels on the Bus Toddler Nap Mat.

Recommended ages: 18 months and up

If the Lounge Around Bed Rest Pillow isn’t enough to coax a nap out of your little one on its own, the Wheels on the Bus nap mat might be just what you need to get your tired toddler on board with nap time. The 46-inch-long quilted mat includes a built-in fleece blanket and a sewn-in pillow, and all of it rolls up with a Velcro strap that holds everything in place. You can bring it with you no matter where you’re headed—and it just might be enough to convince your kid to catch some Z’s when you get there.

Get the Wheels on the Bus Toddler Nap Mat from Walmart for $24.38

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