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14 interesting social media influencers to follow in 2021
Fact check: Posts falsely link Fauci's wife to FDA vaccine approval and testing
McKenzie Sadeghi 
Face mask accessories are all over Instagram—but are they worth buying?
Amanda Tarlton 
25 years after her death, singer Selena inspires fans across USA to pursue their dreams
Vicky Camarillo 
25 años después de su muerte, la cantante Selena inspira a sus fans a luchar por sus sueños
Vicky Camarillo 
Fact check: Are blood type and susceptibility to coronavirus linked?
Molly Stellino 
Cut off because of coronavirus? Connect with Marco Polo walkie-talkie video app
Jefferson Graham 
Some of United's regional flights just got a lot cushier with new plane
Kellie Hwang 
These car models from BMW to Mercedes to Toyota are taking forever to sell on dealers' lots
Elzy Kolb 
Want to know who the richest person in your state is? Here's a list.
Michael B. Sauter, Samuel Stebbins and Grant Suneson 
States with the most UFO sightings: Vermont leads the way
John Harrington 
Here's how much the Dow was worth the year you were born
Grant Suneson, Michael B. Sauter and John Harrington 
Who is the largest employer in your state? Walmart top in nation with Amazon second.
Michael B. Sauter and Grant Suneson 
Wealth gap in the US: These 25 counties have the widest income gaps in the nation
Samuel Stebbins 
How early withdrawals from an IRA or 401(k) can kill your retirement
Jon C. Ogg 
These 20 common grocery store items are driving up the cost of your bill the most
Samuel Stebbins and Charles Stockdale 
What counties in each state have the most expensive housing market? Check this list
Samuel Stebbins 
These car models from Chevys to Honda and Toyota are so hot they fly off car dealers' lots
Elzy Kolb 
Where you'll pay the most – and least – on state and local taxes in the US
Samuel Stebbins 
Does Texas or Russia have the larger GDP? Here's how US states compare to other countries
Samuel Stebbins and Grant Suneson 
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