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USA TODAY reaches over 123MM of the most influential American consumers each month.

Whether in print, online, mobile or tablet, USA TODAY  impacts the decision-making of millions of people every day. USA TODAY readers are productive and goal-oriented and exceptionally well informed. They are optimistic, active, and the type of people others turn to for opinions and advice. USA TODAY readers actively and confidently talk about brands with their social network and, most importantly for advertisers, affect the bottom line.

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USA Today Readers are an affluent and loyal audience of individuals who are active consumers. Reach national and even international readers with your advertisement for products, services, gifts, real estate and more.

USA TODAY provides dynamic news that is colorful and compelling. USA Today provides its audience with the news they can use. How, when, and where they want it! Breaking down complex issues with visual storytelling and a uniquely personal focus.

The links below provide valuable details and information about Russell John’s expert targeted advertising features and classified advertising on USA TODAY’s Classifieds online, and USA TODAY Marketplace in print.

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