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Resource guide
2022-01-04 21:34 UTC by USA TODAY

Navigating COVID-19


At-home COVID tests
2022-01-17 06:24 UTC by USA TODAY

Tips for finding them


What happened this week?
2022-01-21 01:32 UTC by USA TODAY

Take our news quiz đź“ť


Dry January
2022-01-03 02:52 UTC by USA TODAY

Difficulty not drinking


'I'm 29 years old and I feel like I'm 70': Long COVID patients continue to struggle for months, years
2022-01-21 14:06 UTC by USA TODAY

COVID-19 long haul patients are struggling with doctors and employers as they battle lingering symptoms that make them feel "crazy."


Louie Anderson, Emmy-winning 'Baskets' comedian, dies at 68 after cancer diagnosis
2022-01-21 15:45 UTC by USA TODAY

Louie Anderson died at a hospital in Las Vegas of complications from cancer, said Glenn Schwartz, his longtime publicist.


'Once-in-a-decade' winter storm to blast Southeast with snow, sleet, freezing rain
2022-01-21 16:06 UTC by USA TODAY

A winter storm was forecast to bring a miserable mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain to parts of the Southeast on Friday and into early Saturday.


Ukraine, midterms and Build Back Better: White House plays cleanup after Biden's marathon press conference
2022-01-21 13:49 UTC by USA TODAY

Biden took questions for nearly two hours Wednesday. Remarks about Ukraine and election integrity prompted the White House to clarify his comments.


The CDC warns US travelers to avoid more than 100 countries. How many are listening?
2022-01-21 16:58 UTC by USA TODAY

Every week, the CDC updates its list of countries that should be avoided due to COVID-19. But are travelers paying attention?


Meat Loaf remembered by Cher, Boy George and more: 'I hope paradise is as you remember'
2022-01-21 14:53 UTC by USA TODAY

After news of Meat Loaf's death celebrities and musicians remembered moments they shared with the emblematic power ballad singer.


Troy Aikman rips Cowboys game plan, compares team to Jaguars, Jets after Wild Card loss to 49ers
2022-01-21 16:54 UTC by USA TODAY

The Dallas Cowboys continue to be a topic of conversation days after their NFC Wild Card defeat to the San Francisco 49ers.


After Roe? Pro- and anti-abortion rights groups face new landscape in 2022 midterms – and beyond
2022-01-21 14:06 UTC by USA TODAY

Activists in the abortion wars are planning to spend millions this election year on the assumption that the Supreme Court will reverse Roe vs. Wade.


'She was ready': America's oldest living person, Thelma Sutcliffe, dies at 115
2022-01-21 13:15 UTC by USA TODAY

Thelma Sutcliffe, America's oldest living person, died on Monday in an Omaha assisted living facility at 115.


How NFL players stay warm during extreme cold: Do their methods work?
2022-01-21 11:31 UTC by USA TODAY

The NFL hasn't postponed, canceled or moved a game because of extreme cold in nine decades. Players employ all kinds of methods to stay warm.


COVID outbreak. Suicides. Shoddy living conditions. Texas National Guard troops voice border mission mistreatment.
2022-01-21 12:12 UTC by USA TODAY

More than 10,000 Texas National Guard troops have been deployed to help patrol the border. But complaints and suicides plague the mission.


Judge says she 'made a mistake' berating an elderly cancer patient over weeds
2022-01-21 13:00 UTC by Detroit Free Press

Michigan Judge Alexis Krot has apologized to an elderly cancer patient she threatened with jail time over some unkempt weeds after a video went viral.


3 Pennsylvania police officers fired for fatal shooting of 8-year-old Fanta Bility
2022-01-21 15:22 UTC by USA TODAY NETWORK

A council voted Thursday to fire officers Brian Devaney, Sean Dolan and Devon Smith for fatally shooting 8-year-old Fanta Bility.


Friends who kiss on the lips? Platonic kissing is polarizing, but not as uncommon as you might think
2022-01-21 12:00 UTC by USA TODAY

As long as both parties agree and set parameters, experts say kissing friends is OK – and the decision remains up to the respective parties alone.


A new Samsung Galaxy is coming—get $50 when you sign up to learn more
2022-01-21 15:53 UTC by Reviewed

Be one of the first to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone when it launches—and get $50 when you reserve yours.


Which NFL quarterback has the most to prove in the divisional round of the playoffs?
2022-01-21 16:14 UTC by USA TODAY

Pressure ramps up every week in the NFL playoffs, and several quarterbacks will be under the microscope in the divisional round.


Climate change denial on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok is 'as bad as ever'
2022-01-21 12:03 UTC by USA TODAY

Climate change lies, hoaxes and conspiracy theories still rampant on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube despite pledges to crack down, report says.


Why Americans should care about Russian aggression against Ukraine
2022-01-21 12:00 UTC by USA TODAY

President Biden needs to go to United Nations to rally the will to stop Putin, says retired Gen. Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander


Now we're hyped: See Dr. Dre assemble rap titans in epic Super Bowl halftime trailer
2022-01-21 14:39 UTC by USA TODAY

Dr. Dre puts his pieces on the board in new trailer to summon Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Mary J. Blige for the Super Bowl half time show.


Woman refuses mask on flight to London. So, the pilot took her back to Florida
2022-01-21 12:03 UTC by USA TODAY

An American Airlines flight from Miami to London this week turned around and headed back to the U.S. after a passenger refused to wear a face mask.


Russian military intervention in Kazakhstan could be prelude to invading Ukraine
2022-01-21 13:49 UTC by USA TODAY

Russia's intervention in protests in Kazakhstan has increased Western concern over the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine


Pacifier recall 2022: Frigg pacifiers sold at Amazon, TJ Maxx recalled due to choking hazard
2022-01-21 15:42 UTC by USA TODAY

Mushie & Co is recalling its Frigg silicone pacifiers for a choking hazard. Amazon and TJ Maxx are among the retailers who sold the affected products.


Mitch McConnell says Black people vote just as much as 'Americans'
2022-01-21 00:24 UTC by Louisville Courier Journal

When asked about concerns among voters of color, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell implied African Americans are not Americans.


NFL divisional playoff round: Eight players who could make impact after missing significant time with injuries
2022-01-21 16:10 UTC by USA TODAY

Injuries can play a key role in any NFL team's playoff fortune, and these postseason contenders could get a lift in the form of some timely returns.


Intel announces $20 billion semiconductor factory in Ohio amid chip shortage
2022-01-21 15:01 UTC by USA TODAY

President Joe Biden will tout the project as a sign of progress in his work to improve semiconductor shortages and supply-chain bottlenecks.


Martha Stewart used to date Anthony Hopkins. Then she saw him in 'Silence of the Lambs'
2022-01-21 15:45 UTC by USA TODAY

Martha Stewart and Anthony Hopkins may have ended up together, if it wasn't for this classic horror film.


More extreme weather
2021-12-27 18:11 UTC by USA TODAY

Our warming climate is having a dramatic impact on precipitation. What does the data tell us about your state?


Behind the Blue Wall
2021-12-15 01:39 UTC by USA TODAY

A USA TODAY investigation exposes a culture of retaliation against police whistleblowers


'Corporate-sanctioned racism'? How war on critical race theory spread from schools to big business
2022-01-20 20:58 UTC by USA TODAY

Critical race theory is not just an issue in schools. Republicans want to restrict how companies like CVS and Verizon talk to employees about racism.


'Lost in this Evil': The police code of silence claims a cop on the Bayou
2022-01-14 21:02 UTC by USA TODAY

Baton Rouge police raided a home in 2013 looking for drugs. They left with a dead body. For years, cops didn't speak of what happened inside. Then one did.


The pandemic is changing. Will omicron bring a 'new normal' for COVID-19?
2022-01-11 21:19 UTC by USA TODAY

Experts say it's too soon to know for sure what the coronavirus will do next, but one thing is clear: the world is going to have to live with COVID-19.


China's zero-COVID policy has some asking how Winter Games can go on during omicron surge
2022-01-20 23:06 UTC by USA TODAY

China has taken a draconian approach to combatting COVID, but will it be enough with thousands entering for Beijing Olympics.



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