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Severe weather hits Plains going into Memorial Day
Rain sweeps East Coast heading into Memorial Day
Meteor shower could dazzle with thousands of shooting stars Monday night
Slow-moving storms drench the Southeast
What is a derecho? These 'inland hurricanes' can cause tremendous damage
Weather whiplash across southern Plains
Severe weather, flood risk move East
Texas storm chasers surprised by tornado
A wet holiday weekend for the Northeast
Widespread flooding concern across South
Massive tornado wows storm chasers in Texas
Couple caught in fast-moving tornado
NOAA hurricane forecast: Another busy year with up to 21 named storms possible
Millions at risk for flooding in Southeast US
Surge of heat to break daily records in Southwest
Thunderstorms sweep across the Southeast
India and Pakistan heat wave 30 times more likely because of climate change
Pattern change to break up heat across the South
Hot, humid weather builds over Northeast
Heatwave and snowstorm ahead in wild weather weekend
Cool air to settle over Plains this weekend
Thunderstorms dump large hail on Wisconsin
Severe storms hit Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee
What is the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale?
Severe weather coming to Midwest, northern Plains
Record-breaking heat to spread across the East
Toms River elevates roadways to alleviate flooding
Pacific Northwest facing rain, snow this week
Storm surge is often a hurricane's deadliest and most destructive threat
Thunderstorms bring severe weather to Plains, Midwest
Turbulent storm to deliver wet weather
Midwest to brace heavy downpours and floods
Storms bring heavy rain, hail to East Coast
60 million people are at risk of violent storms Monday