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Online shopping
2021-11-21 19:07 UTC by USA TODAY

Cyber Monday deals


Thanksgiving travel
2021-11-22 05:29 UTC by USA TODAY

Tips for flying ✈️


Sex and dating 💋
2021-09-21 18:44 UTC by USA TODAY

Celibacy is trending


What happened this week?
2021-02-19 17:16 UTC by USA TODAY

Take our news quiz ✍️


Thanksgiving weekend snow in Great Lakes region could hamper holiday travel
2021-11-27 21:49 UTC by USA TODAY

Snow could make driving difficult this holiday weekend, with risk of delays in cities including Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo.


Fed chair? Check. Releasing petroleum? Check. What else can Biden do to try to tame inflation?
2021-11-28 09:00 UTC by USA TODAY

President Joe Biden's options for slowing inflation are limited as consumer prices surge to their highest level in 30 years, economists say.


College football winners and losers: Wake Forest, Old Dominion different kind of success stories; Texas A&M ends season with thud
2021-11-28 04:54 UTC by USA TODAY

The Demon Deacons will play for the ACC championship. The Monarchs are bowl-eligible after sitting out the 2020 pandemic season. The Aggies blow it.


A frightful flight: Man stows away in plane's landing gear on flight from Guatemala to Miami
2021-11-27 23:06 UTC by USA TODAY

Man stows away in plane landing gear on American Airlines flight Saturday from Guatemala to Miami. Apparently uninjured he is taken to local hospital.


Ghislaine Maxwell's accusers say she sexually exploited them. Here's what her trial may reveal
2021-11-28 10:00 UTC by USA TODAY

Opening arguments will begin in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is charged with helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse girls as young as 14.


Trump supporters focus on 'issues' with election, not the final result, as Arizona ballot review falls flat
2021-11-28 10:00 UTC by Arizona Republic

It remains to be seen how long baseless concerns about vote counts will continue to undermine the election process.


How Michigan beat Ohio State for the first time in a decade
2021-11-27 21:32 UTC by USA TODAY

The Wolverines exploded onto the field in Ann Arbor and never looked back, keyed by Hassan Haskins on offense and Aidan Hutchinson on defense.


College Football Playoff: Where do teams stand after Week 13?
2021-11-28 05:23 UTC by USA TODAY

Michigan revives its national title hopes, Alabama keeps its title defense alive and Oklahoma State gives itself a chance with Big 12 title game bid.


'It is astonishing': More than $2 million raised so far for victims of the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy
2021-11-27 16:02 UTC by USA TODAY

After an SUV drove into the Waukesha Christmas Parade on Sunday, Nov. 21, killing six, the community has raised $2 million for victims' families.


How the FBI played a role in the capture of Princess Latifa of Dubai
2021-07-12 13:01 UTC by USA TODAY

Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum's escape plan was dashed in 2018, but how her father found her was a mystery. USA TODAY finds the FBI helped.


400+ best Cyber Monday deals you can shop now from Walmart, Target, Amazon and more
2021-11-28 11:32 UTC by USA TODAY

Cyber Monday deals have dropped. Don't miss your chance to save on AirPods, mattresses, headphones and furniture this weekend.


FedEx kerfuffle: Investigation continues into hundreds of packages dumped in Alabama ravine
2021-11-27 18:07 UTC by USA TODAY

After hundreds of FedEx packages were dumped into a wooded ravine in northcentral Alabama, law enforcement and FedEx are continuing to investigate.


'A huge lift': Biden's bet on child care is closer to reality but could it boost expenses for some?
2021-11-28 10:00 UTC by USA TODAY

Biden's social infrastructure bill could make child care more affordable for many. But the Build Back Better Act could also raise prices for others.


Michigan's win shows unpredictability has returned to college football — and not a moment too soon
2021-11-28 01:55 UTC by USA TODAY

College football's true soul was restored, not because Michigan won, but because the outcome - and the College Football Playoff, aren't repetitive.


'The best there ever was': Jake Gyllenhaal, Barbra Streisand, more react to Stephen Sondheim's death
2021-11-27 15:51 UTC by USA TODAY

Musical artists and celebrities paid tribute to Stephen Sondheim, the musical theater titan who died Friday at age 91.


Apple AirPods Pro are selling for a massive $80 discount during Black Friday—but they keep selling out
2021-11-27 21:31 UTC by Reviewed

Back in stock. Score the Apple AirPods Pro, one of the most popular pairs of earbuds ever, with this Black Friday discount at Amazon right now.


No. 2 Alabama needs four OTs to upend Auburn and keep College Football Playoff hopes alive
2021-11-28 01:33 UTC by USA TODAY

Alabama won the first Iron Bowl to go to overtime and must beat No. 1 Georgia next Saturday in the SEC championship to make the playoff.


3 burned bodies found in Solomon Islands following days of violent protests
2021-11-27 13:25 UTC by USA TODAY

Three burned bodies were found in Australia's Solomon Islands after protests against the Pacific nation's increasing links with China.


New to cryptocurrency? Know these terms: Talking Tech podcast
2021-11-27 12:00 UTC by USA TODAY

New to cryptocurrency? Know these terms: Talking Tech podcast


Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 deals have dropped: These are the 175+ best deals on Apple, Samsung and more
2021-11-28 11:35 UTC by Reviewed

We've rounded up the best early deals from the Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 sale, from brands like Apple, Bose, Samsung, KitchenAid and Nintendo.


5 books not to miss: Mel Brooks memoir, disturbing 'Sex Cult Nun' and Brené Brown
2021-11-27 11:01 UTC by USA TODAY

Comedy legend Mel Brooks tells his life's story in new memoir "All About Me!" and "Sex Cult Nun" takes readers inside the Children of God cult.


Trauma, identity and love: Being adopted didn't give me a better life, but changed my path
2021-11-27 11:00 UTC by USA TODAY

Being adopted didn't give me a better life, but it changed the route of my journey.


How Auburn football honored late Tuscaloosa News columnist Cecil Hurt at the Iron Bowl
2021-11-27 23:27 UTC by The Tuscaloosa News

Longtime Tuscaloosa News columnist Cecil Hurt died Tuesday at 62. He had covered the Crimson Tide for nearly four decades.


Grandma's accidental text with teen started Thanksgiving tradition that endures in his adulthood
2021-11-27 13:59 UTC by USA TODAY

A young man and grandmother went viral for their accidental text exchange, and years later they still spend Thanksgiving dinners together with family.


'Disgusting and utterly unacceptable': Female athletes main target of online abuse during Tokyo Olympics
2021-11-27 16:46 UTC by USA TODAY

World Athletics has found that female athletes were the target of 87% of all online abuse during the Tokyo Olympics.


Why are we so obsessed with tracking our Black Friday purchases? It's complicated.
2021-11-26 19:16 UTC by USA TODAY

Psychologists explain the real reason you're obsessively tracking your online purchases.


'Grattitude' with attitude
2021-11-22 19:39 UTC by USA TODAY

Artist Peter Tunney's exclusive "GRATTITUDE" and "LIBERTY" artwork using USA TODAY NETWORK pages is available as NFTs to benefit charity.


Holiday foods
2021-11-18 01:14 UTC by USA TODAY

Shopping tips, recipes, how-to guides and everything you need for stress-free cooking during the best part of the year.


Hear the story
2021-10-12 18:24 UTC by USA TODAY

USA TODAY podcasts bring fresh perspective on the nation's news straight to your earbuds. Catch up on the news that matters most or immerse yourself in heart-pounding investigative shows.


What is happening at Ukraine's border? Putin's buildup of Russian troops sparks concern
2021-11-26 15:08 UTC by USA TODAY

A previous build-up of Russian forces on the border preceded Moscow's annexation of Crimea. President Vladimir Putin is threatening Ukraine again.


Not a 'two-sides issue': Transgender people exist. Why is there a debate over whether they should have rights?
2021-11-18 18:50 UTC by USA TODAY

For a transgender person to feel like their very existence is being debated – or denied – is devastating, experts say.


What LGBTQ, Native American and other civil rights leaders learned from Black protesters
2021-11-11 00:14 UTC by USA TODAY

In the late '60s, activists fighting for civil rights for women, Native Americans, Chicanos and other groups were inspired by Black protesters.


'No longer the cool story:' 106-0 win has obscured Inglewood High football's incredible rise
2021-11-20 01:02 UTC by USA TODAY

The Inglewood High football team was roundly criticized when it won a game 106-0, but the program is having inspiring success on and off the field.


What's in a name? For families desperate for a diagnosis, knowing the cause of illness matters
2021-11-22 17:10 UTC by USA TODAY

Medicine has made strides understanding rare genetic diseases but many patients, often children, face a diagnostic odyssey to find out what is wrong.


Hidden books, secret meetings, precious hope: In Afghanistan, girls risk it all for an education
2021-11-22 15:23 UTC by USA TODAY

The Taliban effectively banned education for the majority of girls in Afghanistan. But many are now studying in secret.


Women would be required to register with the Selective Service if this amendment becomes law
2021-11-24 04:02 UTC by USA TODAY

A congressional amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to see women register in case of a military draft has mostly bipartisan support.


Easy as (apple) pie: What apples are best? How long to cook? A step-by-step guide to the perfect pie
2021-11-23 17:45 UTC by USA TODAY

The thought of making an apple pie from scratch can seem intimidating, but it's easier than you think. Here's a step-by-step guide to the perfect pie.


From Capitol riot to cicadas, outer space to the Suez Canal: A visual dive into 2021's biggest stories
2021-11-26 14:33 UTC by USA TODAY

In 2021, we showed you broken parts of the environment, infrastructure and international relations. Here are a few of our favorite visual stories.


How Reviewed experts pick products and deals for shoppers (sometimes they set things on fire)
2021-11-25 17:47 UTC by USA TODAY

Staffers test thousands of products to bring readers deals. Sometimes that involves setting aprons on fire.


Native food is more than a Thanksgiving spread. What Indigenous chefs want you to know about their incredibly diverse cuisine.
2021-11-24 13:59 UTC by USA TODAY

Experts point to many reasons behind the scarcity of Native restaurants but most are rooted in a history of cultural erasure and displacement.



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