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2021-08-15 15:35 UTC by USA TODAY

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Student debt
2021-08-01 07:55 UTC by USA TODAY

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Three hours before your flight?
2022-05-16 06:14 UTC by USA TODAY

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2022-05-20 01:25 UTC by USA TODAY

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Federal judge rules Title 42, allowing COVID asylum restrictions, must continue at border
2022-05-20 22:59 UTC by USA TODAY

The Department of Justice said it will appeal the judge's decision, arguing the CDC was within its authority to end Title 42.


'SNL': Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney and Aidy Bryant set to leave NBC sketch show
2022-05-20 22:57 UTC by USA TODAY

Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon and more cast members are leaving "Saturday Night Live," a source familiar with the situation tells USA TODAY.


'Grave evil': Pelosi denied Holy Communion by San Francisco archbishop for pushing abortion rights
2022-05-20 21:35 UTC by USA TODAY

Pelosi's decision in September to bring to the floor a bill making Roe v. Wade the law of the land proved a bridge too far for her local archdiocese.


Elon Musk denies 'wild accusations' following report of sexual misconduct settlement
2022-05-20 21:22 UTC by USA TODAY

Elon Musk is denying a report SpaceX, the aerospace firm run by the billionaire, settled a sexual misconduct claim made by a flight attendant.


Mormon mom of six writes viral Twitter thread focusing on male responsibility in pregnancy
2022-05-20 17:05 UTC by USA TODAY

Gabrielle Blair may seem an unlikely person to talk about unwanted pregnancies. But the Mormon mom of six is leading the way via Twitter.


Drinking, a fence-jumper, party-crashers: How scandals have dogged the Secret Service for years
2022-05-20 18:46 UTC by USA TODAY

Secret Service agents, in South Korea before a visit by President Biden, were sent home after an incident. Scandals have plagued the agency for years.


Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, pressed Arizona lawmakers on 2020 election
2022-05-20 17:33 UTC by Arizona Republic

The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas urged Arizona state lawmakers to reverse former President Donald Trump's election loss in 2020.


Putin's war in Ukraine is driving a hidden horror: Sex trafficking of women and children
2022-05-20 12:49 UTC by USA TODAY

Women and children fleeing war zones in Ukraine are left vulnerable, often in foreign countries where traffickers can exploit them.


S&P 500 falls from record high to near bear market in 5 months: How did it happen so fast?
2022-05-20 20:38 UTC by USA TODAY

The S&P 500 has fallen from a record high to near bear market in 5 short months, leaving some wondering what happened and how did we get here so fast?


'Mud' drinks and 'greens powders' are all over social media. What you need to know.
2022-05-20 23:05 UTC by USA TODAY

Powdered wellness drinks are all over social media, from nutrition supplement Athletic Greens to coffee alternative MUD\WTR. We had experts weigh in.


The 10 worst fan bases in sports: If you're on this list, congratulations, you're the worst.
2022-05-20 14:36 UTC by USA TODAY

These are the 10 worst fan bases in sports. Take a bow. You're the best of the awful. We'd have an awards ceremony but Miami Heat fans would miss it.


WHO convenes meetings, steps up response on 'atypical' surge in monkeypox cases. Here's what we know.
2022-05-20 20:51 UTC by USA TODAY

The World Health Organization on Friday said it was stepping up efforts to understand and combat monkeypox.


Closer look: Reports of rare monkeypox cases around the world raise concern
2022-05-20 19:36 UTC by USA TODAY

Experts say the monkeypox outbreak won't become another COVID-19 epidemic, but people should take the virus seriously.


Augusta. Fenway. Breaking down sports venues that provide legendary fan experiences.
2022-05-20 18:23 UTC by USA TODAY

True fans must visit these legendary venues for the best experiences in sports. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but here are 20 favorites.


'Absolute evil' strike on cultural center injures child, Zelenskyy says; Russia claims full takeover of Mariupol: Live updates
2022-05-20 21:54 UTC by USA TODAY

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says an 11-year-old was injured in a strike. Russia claims to have complete control of Mariupol. Updates.


Teacher at Michigan school on leave after assignment shows former President Obama with animals
2022-05-20 21:26 UTC by USA TODAY

A teacher at a school in Michigan has been placed on leave over an assignment showing former President Barack Obama with monkeys.


Wild weather weekend: US will have both a 'dangerous' heatwave and 'significant' snowstorm
2022-05-20 17:43 UTC by USA TODAY

Wild extremes of weather are the story across the U.S. Friday, as a heat wave hits the East and a late-season snowstorm buries portions of the West.


185,000 pounds of Smithfield food precooked bacon toppings recalled for possible metal pieces
2022-05-20 19:54 UTC by USA TODAY

Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp. is recalling 185,610 pounds of bacon topping products that may be contaminated with metal pieces.


Which teams have the best fanbases in sports? We asked our USA TODAY Sports staff.
2022-05-20 13:35 UTC by USA TODAY

USA TODAY Sprots staffers weigh in on who has the best fanbases in sports and what makes them so good. Who is your pick?


Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12 revenue fell in fiscal year of pandemic, while ACC, SEC saw increases
2022-05-20 18:49 UTC by USA TODAY

Three Power Five conferences were unlucky in efforts to stage football games during pandemic and suffered major revenue downturns in fiscal year 2021.


Coca-Cola unveils brand-new bottles with caps attached, hoping to curb recycling concerns
2022-05-20 14:42 UTC by USA TODAY

No longer will consumers be troubled with a capless Coke bottle. With an aim to bolster recycling, the Coca-Cola company announced a major change.


'A monster': Texas man catches 12.5-foot tiger shark at Padre Island National Seashore
2022-05-20 18:25 UTC by Corpus Christi Caller Times

While fishing with his son, Christian Haltermann reeled in a 12.5-foot tiger shark at the Padre Island National Seashore off the coast of Texas.


REI's biggest sale of the year has up to 30% off camping gear and apparel—members can save even more
2022-05-20 14:57 UTC by Reviewed

The REI anniversary sale has up to 30% off camping gear, outdoor apparel and footwear. Plus, members can save even more with this exclusive code.


DOJ wields 'every legal tool' to combat hate crimes, Garland says on anniversary of COVID-era law
2022-05-20 23:23 UTC by USA TODAY

Attorney General Merrick Garland outlined his yearlong effort to better combat hate crimes, but attacks based on race and religion continue.


Hayley Kiyoko confirms Becca Tilley relationship, casts herself as first lesbian 'Bachelorette'
2022-05-20 21:19 UTC by USA TODAY

Hayley Kiyoko's latest music video, featuring "Bachelor" alum Becca Tilley, unofficially casts the singer as the first lesbian "Bachelorette" star.


Ukraine before and after the war
2022-04-06 21:21 UTC by USA TODAY

Russian strikes have destroyed residential buildings, hospitals and schools. These images show Ukraine's devastated residential areas.


Army suicide crisis at Alaska base
2022-04-06 21:16 UTC by USA TODAY

Suicide in the military is on the rise, and the problem is most acute in the Army. Nowhere is the crisis more evident than Alaska.


Impact of student loan payment pause
2022-04-06 21:13 UTC by USA TODAY

Since 2020, 41 million Americans have had reprieves from student loan payments. For seven borrowers, that meant a chance to imagine forgiveness.


How many adoptions fail and why? Here's what the numbers tell us.
2022-05-19 09:46 UTC by USA TODAY

More than 66,000 adoptees ended up in the foster care system between 2008 and 2020, according to a first-of-its-kind USA TODAY analysis.


Amid suicide crisis, the Army says it will rush mental health providers to Alaska
2022-05-18 16:41 UTC by USA TODAY

Suicide devastates more than the service member and their family. It reverberates among the soldier's peers, eroding morale and readiness.



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