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EDIT: That's all the time I have for questions today. Thank you to all for the great conversation! - Deirdre

Hi everyone. My name is Deirdre Shesgreen. I covered foreign policy and national security issues for USA TODAY, writing about everything from Ukraine to Afghanistan. My most recent reporting centers on China’s mass internment of the Uyghurs, and it’s based on a trove of exclusive documents shared with me from an expert on this issue. The documents include secret speeches attributed to two high-level Communist Party officials and thousands of photographs of detainees in Xinjiang, the region in northwest China where many Uyghurs live. The new material provides an unprecedented look at what experts say is a slow-motion genocide. AMA!

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You said avoiding cotton. Anything else we can do, besides direct donation to pertinent organisations? Asking basically, what a financially insecure person especially could do besides mindful consumption?
Which organisations do you trust to work towards alleviating Uyghurs' situation, everything it entails? I'm in Eastern Europe myself and yet this inhumanity seems to take place so far away, I don't even know how to begin to get close to it.

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You could try to pressure your political leaders to take stronger action against China.

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Thanks for the work you've done this situation isn't getting the attention it merits which isn't out the ordinary considering where it's taking place.

I have so many questions hopefully I can finish this comment in time for a response. Ok the loudest question in my mind is why is this issue not getting the attention it deserves does the Uyghurs being Muslim play a part? And the U.S. ties with China play a part and why is Biden so quick to stand up for Taiwan but dismiss this issue so easily? How Is chinas zero covid policy affecting east Turkistan? Is there any sign or hope of some sort of end in sight for the people of Turkistan?

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With Taiwan, it seems as if Biden was trying to send a message to Beijing not to use military force. It's a different situation, since Taiwan is seen as an independent country, while Xinjiang is part of China, even if the Uyghur people do not accept it.

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Journalists from various outlets, including USA TODAY, independently reviewed a massive trove of records and verified portions of the contents, which experts say offer an unprecedented look inside China's detention and internment of Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities:

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EDIT: That's all the time I have for today, but thank you to all sending in questions! - Kevin


My name is Kevin Johnson, and I have covered the law enforcement issues and the Justice Department for USA TODAY since 1994. In 2017, our reporting on the Secret Service’s struggles to pay agents assigned to a record number of protectees during the Trump administration prompted legislation that raised annual pay caps for agents and officers.

I’ve been reporting on the recent arrests of two men masquerading as federal agents in a case that has cast a new spotlight on the Secret Service. As part of their alleged scheme, the suspects duped four members of the Secret Service, including two uniformed officers who accepted tens of thousands of dollars in free rent at an upscale D.C. apartment complex. All four Secret Service members, previously assigned to key security positions, have been placed on leave pending an internal agency review. The episode has raised unsettling comparisons to a string of past security breaches and agent misconduct. You can read the story here:

More related stories:

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The four agents/officers involved in the imposter case were all assigned to key security posts, either at the White House complex or serving on protective details. One of the agents was assigned to First Lady Jill Biden's detail.

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The four agents/officers involved in the imposter case were all assigned to key security posts, either at the White House complex or serving on protective details. One of the agents was assigned to First Lady Jill Biden's detail.

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I am currently a student in broadcast and production tech. What would you say about the state the news industry in regards to the rapid expanse of digital media? I am trying to focus on digital media while in school because many of my professors, and they texts they reference all say traditional media (newsprint, radio, tv) are all declining as every major outlet and civilian journalists turn more towards the online format each passing year.

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As you mentioned, the news industry is rapidly expanding its digital footprint. Your choice of study is one full of promise and in need of good practitioners.

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EDIT: Thank you for all the questions. That's all I have time to answer today. You can read all of my work here

During my first week as reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2002, the biggest story by far was the disappearance of Alexis Patterson, 7 years old and Black, who vanished on her way to school. A month later, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her bedroom in Utah, sparking a conversation in our newsroom about why Elizabeth’s case got so much more national media attention than Alexis’ and whether race played a role. Through the years, I’ve stayed in touch with Alexis’ mother, who believes her daughter is alive and will someday be found. I want to help make that happen if I can, and I want to do my part to help other missing children whose stories have yet to be told. The story I wrote to kick off the project can be found here.

I have more than 15 years of experience as an investigative reporter . In 2012, my reporting on the death of Derek Williams in Milwaukee police custody prompted the medical examiner to change the cause of death from natural to homicide. For that investigation, I was honored with a George Polk award. I am also the producer and host of the national Edward R. Murrow Award-winning podcast Unsolved, which will feature Alexis Patterson’s case in season 4.

You can follow me on Twitter: @writerbarton


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EDIT: That’s all I have time to answer today. Thank you for all the questions. Keep following our coverage at

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Where do you stand on official sanctions and holding reporters and news stations accountable for spreading false information? What is a good way we can get a handle on it?

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Most, if not all, journalists would agree that a free press is fundamental to a democratic society. One solution to misinformation is a public that recognizes which news organizations hire trained and ethical reporters, and go to them for coverage. I also think it's important that when we make mistakes, we correct them promptly.

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Renewable electricity powered California 100% for the first time in history

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EDIT: That's all I have time for today. Thanks for the great questions. You can keep following my reporting at


Hi everyone: That’s all I have time to answer today. Thank you for all the questions. Keep following our coverage at and email me with tips, questions etc at [email protected].

Hi everyone. My name is Josh Meyer, and I am a 30-year veteran of covering law enforcement and intelligence issues affecting security on the local, state, national and global level for the Los Angeles Times, NBC News and Politico and now USA TODAY.

My recent reporting revolves around Russian President Vladimir Putin and his finances. Throughout his decades-long political career, Putin has used public resources and a close circle of friends to become what many authorities believe is one of the richest men in the world. The U.S. and its Western allies have tried to personally sanction Putin for launching a war against Ukraine, which has now lasted over two months. But with his suspected wealth hidden all over the world through friends and family, the U.S. and its European allies are finding it's harder to financially penalize Putin than they thought. So, where did Putin's fortune come from, and where is he hiding it? AMA!

Bylines related to this story:

  • Special report Part 1: The steps that made Putin 'the richest man in the world' link

  • Special report Part 2: U.S. sanctions target Putin's Russian family, but a larger shadow family may remain link

  • Special report Part 3: Navalny, Nemtsov and more Putin critics silenced by poison, bullets, jail link


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Hi everyone: That’s all I have time to answer today. Thank you for all the questions. Keep following our coverage at and email me with tips, questions etc at [email protected].

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Since your links require a subscription to read, can you post your information somehow so people not subscribed can read your articles. Also, as of right now all I for.ation is pointing to Putin having a wealth that no one can figure out and that Elon Musk is still showing as the world's richest man.

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Excellent question. We paywall these stories because investigative journalism costs money to produce and so we need to sell our service in order to pay for it -- just like any other product or service you buy. And it's relatively cheap -- the $1 a week buys you amazing coverage of all sorts of things -- news, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, wellness. For 14 cents a day. Not bad.

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