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What happened this week?
2022-05-12 23:05 UTC by USA TODAY

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Student debt
2021-08-01 07:55 UTC by USA TODAY

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2021-08-15 15:35 UTC by USA TODAY

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Three hours before your flight?
2022-05-16 06:14 UTC by USA TODAY

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Stunning revelations about Texas school shooting fill intense Friday press conference
2022-05-27 23:04 UTC by USA TODAY

An intense news conference Friday included acknowledgments from authorities that police were too slow to confront the Uvalde, Texas, gunman.


'I am not okay with the state of this country': Giants manager Gabe Kapler pens essay after Uvalde shooting
2022-05-27 22:39 UTC by USA TODAY

Giants manager Gabe Kapler said he would not be coming out onto field for national anthem "until I feel better about the direction of our country."


Fact check: The Secret Service, not the NRA, is prohibiting attendees of Trump speech from carrying guns
2022-05-27 23:32 UTC by USA TODAY

Visitors to the NRA's annual conference can carry firearms, but the Secret Service is prohibiting firearms from a forum featuring Donald Trump.


'Wrong decision': Police should have confronted Texas school gunman sooner, official says
2022-05-27 21:28 UTC by USA TODAY

The head of the Texas Department of Public Safety said at a press conference that police officers should have entered the school sooner in Uvalde.


Five people killed, two injured in Pennsylvania house explosion
2022-05-27 16:47 UTC by USA TODAY

A small town located 40 miles outside of Philadelphia experienced devastation on Thursday from a house explosion that killed five and injured two.


Texas schoolchildren begged for help with officers waiting outside. Be very mad about that.
2022-05-27 20:13 UTC by USA TODAY

Why and how did a communication breakdown of this deadly proportion happen? How could 19 children get gunned down while officers were right outside?


How AL East rivals Rays and Yankees united to make dramatic statement on gun violence
2022-05-27 21:04 UTC by USA TODAY

The Rays again used their social media accounts to raise awareness beyond the baseball field and this time, the Yankees joined them.


Man points apparent gun at Chicago news crew during live segment about school shooting
2022-05-27 16:13 UTC by USA TODAY

Chicago police reported the unidentified man passed behind reporter, flashed what appeared to be a gun toward the cameraman and walked away.


Fact check: Image of transgender woman falsely identified as Texas shooting suspect Salvador Ramos
2022-05-27 15:43 UTC by USA TODAY

A viral post misidentifies an image of a transgender woman as Salvador Ramos, the Uvalde, Texas, shooting suspect.


'It could be you': Mass shooters often warn people before they kill. What you can do to stop them
2022-05-27 21:26 UTC by USA TODAY

Before mass shootings, gunmen often share their plans. But too many people don't take them seriously enough.


Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker gave up sex, exercise for 'Panchakarma cleanse.' What is it?
2022-05-27 18:25 UTC by USA TODAY

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker stopped sex, exercise and sugar during their Panchakarma cleanse. Experts explain what it is and if it's safe.


The NRA scaled back conference after Columbine out of sympathy; today, full steam ahead
2022-05-27 22:01 UTC by USA TODAY

The NRA convention in Houston comes days after a gunman killed children in Uvalde, hours away, a situation similar to what unfolded after Columbine.


'Living the life of a coach': Inside crazy world of college football transfer quarterbacks
2022-05-27 10:37 UTC by USA TODAY

The success of transfer quarterbacks can make or break a college football program. But how do teams get their new signal-callers up to speed?


Saturday is National Hamburger Day. Here's where to find some delicious deals, freebies.
2022-05-27 20:59 UTC by USA TODAY

This year, National Hamburger Day falls on Saturday during Memorial Day weekend. From Burger King to Arby's, here's where to score deals and freebies.


Packers rookie WR Christian Watson needs to prove next level isn't too big for him | Opinion
2022-05-27 15:13 UTC by Packers News

Christian Watson is going to have to make more contested catches than he did in college, so he must exhibit better ball skills than he has shown.


Biden says Putin trying to 'wipe out' Ukrainian culture; Zelenskyy speaks to Stanford grads: Live updates
2022-05-27 19:17 UTC by USA TODAY

Russian forces have made slow but persistent advances as they bombarded and sought to encircle both Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk.


'The pain doesn't stop': Grieving husband of slain Texas teacher dies suddenly after visiting wife's memorial
2022-05-26 23:50 UTC by Detroit Free Press

Joe Garcia's wife, Irma Garcia, was one of two teachers who — along with 19 children — died Tuesday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.


Southern Baptist Convention leaders publish long-secret list of ministers accused of abuse
2022-05-27 16:13 UTC by Nashville Tennessean

Southern Baptist Convention officials released a list maintained in secret, one of the first major steps after an explosive report this week.


Shop the 70+ best Memorial Day sales—save at The Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart and more
2022-05-27 19:35 UTC by Reviewed

Memorial Day 2022 sales are officially here. Shop all the best early Memorial Day deals on mattresses, furniture, fashion, tech and more now.


Jeff Bridges recalls being 'pretty close to dying' from COVID while in cancer chemo treatment
2022-05-27 15:40 UTC by USA TODAY

Jeff Bridges' battle with COVID-19 while going through chemotherapy for lymphoma left him "pretty close to dying," the actor has revealed.


Johnny Depp, Amber Heard's libel case is now in jurors' hands. Read the closing arguments
2022-05-27 21:47 UTC by USA TODAY

After weeks of intense testimony, the jury in the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard libel trial will hear closing arguments Friday.


What's open and closed on Memorial Day? What to know about mail delivery, store hours
2022-05-27 19:43 UTC by USA TODAY

Memorial Day is on Monday. Here's what you need to know about what's open and closed on the holiday, from banks to schools and stores.


Golden State Warriors are back in NBA Finals: Here's how this playoff run compares to past seasons
2022-05-27 15:24 UTC by USA TODAY

Every journey to the Finals has been different for the Warriors. We rank the Warriors' six NBA Finals runs since 2015 from "easiest" to the toughest.


As a gun owner, here are new laws I support to help stop school shootings
2022-05-26 20:09 UTC by USA TODAY

Most of the guys who walk into schools to shoot kids have said or done extremely troubling things leading up to the massacre.


In this breakneck bulleted world, each shooting can slip from memory. We can't forget.
2022-05-27 15:23 UTC by USA TODAY

We need to honor the memories, of shooting victims, preserve the stories, and somehow keep the faith that things will not always be this way.


Who are 'Top Gun: Maverick's new pilots? Meet Rooster, Hangman and the rest of the elite crew
2022-05-26 07:22 UTC by USA TODAY

Who had the right stuff to star in Tom Cruise's "Top Gun: Maverick"? The new class of elite pilots is significantly more diverse and includes a woman.


San Francisco schools ban 'chief' from occupational titles after Native American concerns
2022-05-27 14:25 UTC by USA TODAY

The district's leadership team agreed that, given that Native American members of our community have expressed concerns over the use of the title.


Ukraine before and after the war
2022-04-06 21:21 UTC by USA TODAY

Russian strikes have destroyed residential buildings, hospitals and schools. These images show Ukraine's devastated residential areas.


Army suicide crisis at Alaska base
2022-04-06 21:16 UTC by USA TODAY

Suicide in the military is on the rise, and the problem is most acute in the Army. Nowhere is the crisis more evident than Alaska.


Impact of student loan payment pause
2022-04-06 21:13 UTC by USA TODAY

Since 2020, 41 million Americans have had reprieves from student loan payments. For seven borrowers, that meant a chance to imagine forgiveness.


Title IX was intended to close the gender gap in college athletics. But schools are rigging the numbers.
2022-05-27 12:16 UTC by USA TODAY

Universities across the U.S. collectively conjured the illusion of thousands more female athletic opportunities by abusing federal reporting rules.


'Do you guys know how stupid you are?' Congressional staffers field increasingly abusive calls
2022-05-23 14:27 UTC by USA TODAY

Capitol Hill staffers are routinely bombarded by callers venting their frustration at Congress over the Southern border, inflation, abortion rights.


Amber Heard, Johnny Depp and who we choose to believe
2022-05-25 14:10 UTC by USA TODAY

The case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shows who gets our empathy, who gets to speak, and what we still don't understand about domestic abuse.


Amid suicide crisis, the Army says it will rush mental health providers to Alaska
2022-05-18 16:41 UTC by USA TODAY

Suicide devastates more than the service member and their family. It reverberates among the soldier's peers, eroding morale and readiness.



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